Introducing ryfi.

Simple, stress-free parental control for your home internet. 

Timer + Bedtime

ryfi comes with a simple to use countdown timer and Bedtime Mode. When the timer expires, ryfi turns off their internet. Forget to set the timer? Don't worry,  ryfi Bedtime will automatically shut off the internet when it's time to sleep. 

Adult Content Filter

Research shows that kids are being exposed to adult content at a very early age. To help keep kids safe, ryfi blocks the most common adult sites. This list is 20,000 strong and growing everyday.

Study Mode

Kids exposed to more than 2 hours of wasteful screentime per day experience a 100 point drop in test scores. With Study Mode you can switch off the most distracting sites and apps (Youtube, Fortnite, Twitter, and Snapchat among others) so your child can focus on studying. 

ryfi vs the Competition

ryfi is the simplest system that parents can use to manage things like your consoles (xBox, Playstations and iPads). Now you can easily manage study at home schedules that you set with study mode!

How ryfi works

ryfi connects to your existing internet like Comcast or ATT.
Once connected, it generates 4 kid friendly wifi signals that you can assign to your kids. Setup is guaranteed to be less than 5 minutes.
You control your ryfi with an app, so ryfi can be paused, or study mode enabled when you want, even if you are away from home.
ryfi works with any internet service, so you don't have to do anything to your existing smart devices (Ring, Nest, etc).

ryfi Features

ryfi was developed by asking hundreds of parents exactly what they wanted to help them with run away internet use. Our philosophy is to give parents a powerful tool that will help kids regulate their online consumption. The parents spoke and told us that they wanted a simple tool to manage time and block unwanted content.

Simple Timer

The most powerful tool of ryfi is also the simplest. The timer will show you how much time is left in that child's network. You can setup up a unique timer for each of your kids. You can also setup Bedtime Mode, which will shut off all internet activity at a set time every night that you decide.

Study Mode

Our parents tell us that they really want to control the amount of social media their kids are exposed to. With study mode, ryfi will filter the most popular and distracting social media and video game sites (Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat and many others). Simply press a button in your app, and it will start filtering for that child.

Adult Content Filter

ryfi has a proprietary list of adult sites generated by our community and our internal research. Our list is broad (over 20,000 sites), and growing with each new update. This filter is automatic to the ryfi experience, you don't need to do anything to activate it.

This is the year parents take back control of the internet with ryfi!

– Hoda and Kathie Lee, Today Show

Because who doesn't want "someone" else playing bad cop, how cool is ryfi? It's a gadget created by a dad whose son is named Ryan...."

– Parent's Magazine