Introducing the ryfi TM

How does the ryfi TM Work?

Pausing your kids wifi does not have to be hard or complicated. Simply plug in the device and within a few steps you can control the access of the internet with your smartphone!

The ryfiTM has one job, and nails it.

One device, one app, one cable - one (big) problem solved

Designed by moms and dads

We get parents because we are parents ourselves.  We designed the product we needed to manage our kids' internet time. Now we're sharing it with you.

Manage your kids' internet without disrupting yours

Simply connect the Internet Pause Button to your existing internet and you get a new network for your kids. Control when their network is on without disturbing yours at all.

Setup in less than 5 minutes

If you know how to log into wifi at a coffee shop then you know how to install the Internet Pause Button. It installs in 5 easy steps.

Controlled by you - anytime, anywhere

Control your Internet Pause Button with a simple mobile app. Pause, resume or set an on/off timer for your kids' internet from anywhere with a few taps on your phone.  Anytime, anywhere, all the time, everywhere. You're in control.

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How it works

ryfi TM Walk through

Here is how to setup and use ryfi! We have made it incredibly easy to setup. Also you can control your ryfi using SMS or a simple to use mobile app. Nothing complicated, and no need to reprogram your other connected devices in your home like the Nest or Ring.

ryfiTM App Overview

If you know how to work a timer, you can work the app. We have designed this app for the busiest of households so you can quickly glance and know what is going on.

Secure Login

Secure Login

Secure login. The app is designed for only parents to access the ability to turn the internet off or on. Control the Internet Pause Button from this app, no matter where you are at (work, supermarket or traveling).

Kids get their own internet

Kids get their own internet

Kids get their own separate wifi (we call it RyFi TM). This is separate from your current wifi that the parents use. This new kids network is all easily controlled from a touch of your app.

Pause the Internet with a simple timer

Pause the Internet with a simple timer

Think of the internet under your control. You get to put it on an egg timer. So if you want it off in 10 minutes, or off right now just let it know and then Internet Pause Button will listen.

Intuitive Design - No Jargon

Intuitive Design - No Jargon

We remove all the technical jargon from running an internet device so that you don't have to worry about it. We have world class nerds doing the technical heavy lifting so you don't have to.

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