We are here to help, we want you to get the most out of the ryfi experience. Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions.


Q: I don’t know what to do?

A: We have put together a Get Started Guide for you to use. It covers all the major topics to get you going with your ryfi device.  


Q: My ryfi is not working – the blue LED off or not blinking

A: If the LED is not blinking, make sure that you have power to the unit. There should be two cables attached to the ryfi unit, one is a network cable (it looks like a very large phone line) and the second is a small USB cable (similar to what you see in many cell phones) that connects to a plug adapter. Remember when you plug in your ryfi unit, you need to make sure that you wait a minute or two to let it start up. 


Q: My ryfi is not working – the blue LED is fast blinking.

A: If the LED is blinking fast (much faster than a heartbeat), then that means the ryfi is not getting an active internet signal. Remember that the ryfi needs to be plugged into your main internet signal of your house. Make sure that you have internet service available at your house. If you can access the internet in your house, then make sure that the network cable (it looks like a giant phone adaptor) is plugged into the internet source of your house. 


Q: My ryfi is not working, I can’t control it:

A: If the ryfi router is setup properly (you should see the blue LED light blinking like a heartbeat), then make sure you have downloaded the app and installed on your phone. The Get Started Guide is an excellent place to learn how to fully setup your ryfi app. 


Q: How do kids get tokens?

A: The kids get tokens by completing chores. You setup chores on the parental app, assign them to your kids and when they complete their chores they are awarded tokens. The Get Started Guide is an excellent place to learn how to fully setup chores and tokens. 

Q: My kid is on a cell phone, and it is not being blocked.

A: The ryfi works with your home’s wifi signal. It does not affect cell phone signals. If your child has a cell phone or tablet that comes with its own cellular signal, ryfi will not affect it. 


Q: My ryfi is missing a part, it came damaged or I have not received my order.

A: Please contact support@ryfi.co with the email address that you used to make the order. 


Q: Can ryfi block Minecraft/Fortnite/etc?

A: ryfi is designed to work with the wifi provided in your house. If your child is accessing these games through a wifi signal, then ryfi can control it. 


Q: My ryfi is setup, the blue LED is blinking properly (heartbeat), my app is setup, but my child is still accessing the internet.

A: Make sure that your child’s device is on the ryfi network (wifi)  that you set up for her. It is possible that your child is using the wifi signal of your original internet (we call it the parental wifi), your neighbor’s wifi, or using that of her sibling. 


Q: My kid is using Youtube/Netflix, I pause it and it keeps playing. Is ryfi broken?

A: It is possible that your child’s device (laptop or tablet) is downloading the video in a buffer. The device plays from the buffer until it runs out of content. If you pause the internet while the device is using the buffer content, the device will not stop playing until that buffer runs out. 


Thank you again for being part of our family. If you still don’t see your questions answered, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@ryfi.co