Get Started

Congratulations on your ryfi purchase!

You will now have a simple and easy way to upgrade your kids bad habits for good ones. We encourage you to watch this video first to see how easy it is to get started. You can also see the answers below if you have any questions.

1. Getting Set Up: ryfi App

To use the ryfi, you will need to download our app. It is currently available on the Google Play Store™ or Apple App Store™. Simply search for “ryfi” when you are in the app store.


2. Getting Set Up: Creating a ryfi Account

To use the ryfi app and control your ryfi device, you will need to create a ryfi account. When you first launch the app, you’ll see a login screen. On this screen, there’s an option to Create an Account. Tap this button to get started.

The registration process starts with a brief intro that describes ryfi’s features. After swiping through (or skipping) these screens and tapping Done on the final screen, you’ll arrive at the account creation screen.

Enter your email address and select a password.

After submitting this information, you’ll link your account to your ryfi device on the following screen.

The two switches remind users to complete these two steps before linking a device. Move the switches to the ON position once your ryfi device is plugged in and connected to the internet.

The ryfi device must be connected to an internet modem or router using the network cable provided. Plug one end of the network cable into the back of ryfi and the other end into any available network port on your modem or router. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL ryfi DEVICE HAS A SLOW BLINK (similar to a heartbeat pattern) IN THE BLUE LED BEFORE UNPLUGGING ANY CABLES. IF YOU INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS YOU ARE AT RISK OF LOCKING UP THE ryfi DEVICE. THIS USUALLY TAKES 2-5 MINUTES.

After completing the prerequisite steps, enter your ryfi serial number into the Serial Number box. You’ll find the serial number on a sticker on the bottom of your ryfi device.

On the next screen you will add one or more kids to your account. Enter the kid’s name, then select a username and a password. After adding each kid, you’ll have the option to add another or finish.


3. The ryfi app: Kids

After completing the registration process, you’ll be logged into the app and will start from the Kids screen. Here you’ll see a list of the kids you added to your account. For each kid, you’ll see the current state of their wifi network and a control button that allows you to Pause or Resume that network.

After linking your account to your ryfi device and adding your kids, the ryfi device will begin to broadcast new wifi networks for each of the kids. The name of each network will be based on the name of each kid. If you add a kid named Jenny, ryfi will begin broadcasting a wifi network named ryfi-jenny. You’ll see these kid networks in the list of available wifi networks on your laptop or mobile devices.

The password for each ryfi kid network will be the password you created for that kid during the registration process.

Give it a try! You should be able to connect to a ryfi kid network using the password you created in the steps above.

The Kid screen in the app shows the state of these ryfi kid networks and allows you to control whether they are on or off. By default they will be off. You can connect to them, but you will not be able to use them to get online. This gives parents a simple, one tap way to control when their kids can be online.


4. The ryfi app: Schedule

Another way ryfi allows parents to control their kids’ wifi is through the use of a schedule. Parents can schedule when their kids’ networks are on and off.

Tap the Schedule icon at the bottom of the app to see how the schedule works.

When you view the Schedule section for the first time, you’ll see a brief explanation of how the schedule works. At the top of this screen are the names of your kids. Tap one of the kids’ names to view that kid’s schedule.

The schedule explanation screen with a single kid, Michiko. Tapping Michiko will display her schedule.

The schedule has two modes, View and Edit. After selecting a kid, you’ll see her schedule in View mode. This shows her schedule for every day of the week. Scroll up and down to see all 24 hours of the day.

Tap the Edit button in the top right corner to edit the schedule.

In Edit mode, the days of the week are shown above the schedule grid. Tap a day to select it and start editing.

You can edit the schedule in 15 minute blocks. Each block can be set to one of three states: ON, OFF or ryfi Time.

The kid’s network is on and can be used freely.

The kid’s network is off and cannot be used at all. 

5. ryfi Time

The kid’s network can be used if the kid buys time using ryfi Tokens she has earned by completing chores.

To schedule a block of time, tap one of the three states at the top of the screen then tap one or more blocks of time in the schedule grid.

This screenshot shows Tom's schedule on Tuesday. His network is ON from 3-4:30pm (green blocks) and is in ryfi Time from 12-1pm (blue blocks).

To save your changes, tap the Done button in the top right corner. You’ll return to View mode and should see the changes you just made to the schedule. 

6. The ryfi app: Chores

ryfi also allows parents to assign chores to their kids and reward them with ryfi Tokens for completing their chores. Kids use ryfi Tokens to purchase internet time (during periods their parents have schedule as “ryfi Time”) and can redeem their ryfi Tokens with their parents for allowance.

Tap the Chores icon at the bottom of the app to see how it works!

The ryfi app ships with a list of common chores that parents can use. These are found in the Chore Library (Library button at the top of the Chores screen). My Chores gives parents quick access to chores they have used previously. Finally, parents can create customer chores using the Create New feature.

To assign a chore, select one from the Library or choose Create New. If you’re creating a new chore, you’ll need to provide a name and an icon. Tap the gray pencil icon to select from the icon library or use your own photo!

Select the days of the week you’d like to assign the chore by tapping one or more of the blocks with the day name abbreviations (M, Tu, W, etc.).

Tap the name of the kid to assign the chore. You can select more than one!

Finally, select how many ryfi Tokens you’d like to provide you kid for completing the chore. As you scroll through the values, the label below shows how many minutes of ryfi Time or how much allowance the selected number of tokens is worth.

Tap the blue Assign button and you’re done!


7. The ryfi Kids Portal

Logging In
Kids can use any internet device (we recommend an iPad or other Tablet) to log into their account. Kids should open up kids.ryfi.co on any browser, where they enter the username and password setup by mom/dad. The screen should look like this:

Main Screen
In this screen, the kids can look at the following:
1. Avatar / Username: This is the identity that the kids can choose. It is not seen by anyone but mom or dad.
2. Token balance, minute balance: This shows how many tokens have been earned, and how many minutes of wifi time have been purchased through those tokens.
3. Schedule: The schedule is color coded into 3 types of wifi time. Green means that wifi is on, no token purchase needed. Blue is for ryfi time, that means kids must purchase with tokens earned to turn on the wifi. Gray means the wifi is off, and there is no time for sale.
4. Chore list: When mom sets up a chore, the child can check out the chore and earn the tokens awarded. Default is to auto approve chore completion. Later versions will allow the parents to approve via email.
5. Start / Stop ryfi time: This button in the upper right corner allows the child to start wifi time if they have purchased the right to do wifi time.
6. Buy Allowance: This will allow kids to exchange tokens for an allowance. When they do so, mom gets an email and she gets to approve or deny that request.

Earning Tokens through Chores
Jack’s best friend is Maddie, his dog. He is excited since he can earn tokens for walking her, and use those tokens for wifi time or allowance. Here is how he does it. Notice how he sees “Walk the Dog” chore for 50 tokens (note he starts with 290 tokens)?

Step 1. Jack clicks the Start Chore button to check out the chore.

Step 2. When Jack is done, he clicks on I’m Done. This tells mom he finished the chore. Notice how the button is now “Great Job”. This happens after mom approves the chore, and his token balance has increased to 340 tokens.

Buying Wifi time
Kids can buy wifi time when its on sale by mom or dad, this is called ryfi time. During ryfi time, if kids have a token balance, they can buy wifi time. Notice in Ryan’s screen, the Start button is green and enabled. Ryan is in the 12 O’Clock hour, so he has up to 30 minutes of ryfi time he can purchase. He wants to purchase 10 minutes.

Step 1: Click on the Start ryfi time button. This pops up a menu that asks him to purchase more minutes. He clicks on the green Purchase button.

Step 2: Click on the Purchase More Time button.

Step 3: Purchase Time. Ryan selects 10 minutes, and the Purchase button. Now when he clicks start, he can start his wifi time.