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Introducing ryfi TM

How does the ryfi TM Work?

ryfi is the worlds only complete token economy integrated with a wifi device. Now when kids get ready to spend hours on Xbox, or the iPad, they will get a list of chores to get done. With the tokens they earn, they can buy their wifi time, homework, and much more!

The ryfiTM can get your kids to love chores again!

The worlds first wifi powered home economy, designed by parents who happen to be video game experts :-)

Make chores fun again

Kids will get tokens for doing chores and trade in their tokens for wifi time, their allowance or the tickets to that movie they have been waiting to see.

Designed by moms and dads

We get parents because we are parents ourselves.  We designed the product we needed to manage our kids' internet time. Now we're sharing it with you.

Manage your kids' internet without disrupting yours

Simply connect the ryfi TM to your existing internet and you get a new network for your kids. Control when their network is on without disturbing yours at all.

Setup in less than 5 minutes

If you know how to log into wifi at a coffee shop then you know how to install the ryfi TM. It installs in a few easy steps.

ryfiTM App Overview

ryfi works with all home networks, we guarantee it or your money back. Now getting your kids engaged to do homework and chores is easy!

Fun Chore Economy for Kids

Fun Chore Economy for Kids

We are parents that happen to be experts in video games. We designed a fun virtual economy you can use to motivate your kids to do their homework and help around the house for tokens that you decide. These tokens earned can then be exchanged for wifi time, allowance, or even the latest fidget spinner.

Kids get their own internet

Kids get their own internet

Kids get their own separate wifi (we call it RyFi TM). This is separate from your current wifi that the parents use. This new kids network is all easily controlled from a touch of your app.



  • Parental Control Router
  • Chore Economy